Happily Ever After
© accioloki

The Vessalius House

tiniestdormouse: How come I never realized you did art~??? 

AH of course I do! But that’s probably because I almost never post anything ahah :’D 

Nightray Dukedom- Blue bloods and broken trusts

Baskervilles- Guardians of the Abyss

someone teach me how to make good scans



If you are an artist, if you draw for PH, and post it and just share with the world please reblog this. You can big or small, it doesn’t matter, every person matters and every person counts! We intend to include you to a Pandora Hearts reference blog. So please reblog if you are an artist for the fandom!

Anonymous: I absolutely adored seeing those drawings of Gilbert! Love it, love it, love it! 

Ahh thanks so much!! <3

A handful of Gilberts.

Anonymous: heyyy can i have you cover background please ??? it was soo awesome 


I hope this is what you wanted! thanks for liking it! If you use it for something, please credit me (and jun mochizuki lol)

still continuing my efforts to draw more of a variety of ph characters, this time everybody’s favorite Jack Vessalius…!

(and i tried a new style! i really like how it turned out omg, i can’t wait to do more!)

welcome-to-labyrinth-deactivate: wow your art is love wow??? you have talent omg a lot of it 

Oh gosh thank you!! I’m so glad you like it!